Civil Construction Projects

GR2 performed the construction of a five acre anaerobic and aerobic wastewater pretreatment system in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Both ponds included a 60 mil HDPE bottom liner, and a 100 mil HDPE floating cover system was installed over the anaerobic pond. The cover system included a bio-gas collection system for the collection and removal of gasses generated during microbial activity.

GR2 installed additional treatment system components including an equalization tank, aeration system, sludge return system, and clarifier at the facility.

GR2 performed basin rehabilitation activities for this two-acre wastewater basin at the Olaton facility.

GR2 installed a temporary pumping and filtration system to remove the existing wastewater. The filtered wastewater was pumped to another onsite treatment basin about 2,500 feet from the basin being rehabilitated. Once the basin was dewatered, the existing 40-millimeter high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner was removed and properly disposed of at a permitted landfill.

Completed Project

GR2 completed the construction of two 10.5 million gallon holding ponds and two 500,000 gallon sediment ponds in Cleveland, AR. GR2 activities included erosion control, site clearing/leveling, and pond construction, pond under drain system, liner installation, and construction of loading and unloading bay, storm water system installation, and final grading. GR2 cleared and graded approximately 75 acres to facilitate the construction of the ponds. The pond construction consisted of placing approximately 68,000 yards of material to be compacted and proctored.

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