Demolition Projects

Decommissioning and demolition of a Dry Barn Facility in Greenville, Mississippi.

The area encompassed 28,000 square feet of footprint and included three tower blenders and associated baghouses, raw material storage areas, and finished product storage areas.

GR2 conducted the decontamination and demolition of three one million gallon ASTs at an agricultural chemical facility in Mt. Vernon, Indiana.

The ASTs were pressure washed; poly liners removed, decontaminated, and disposed of; tanks were demolished utilizing a hydraulic shear and transported off-site for recycling; and final grading to achieve positive storm water runoff.

GR2 performed the demolition of a 6,650 square foot dry fertilizer barn in Havre, Montana.

Site activities included: removal of a 100 feet tall stainless steel leg for transportation to another facility; demolition of 80 feet tall structure and building; demolition of 6,650 square feet of 12 inch reinforced concrete; concrete grouting of rail road auger load out area; backfill of below grade structures with import fill; and final site grading to achieve positive storm water runoff.

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