Remediation Projects

GR2 implemented the RA and demolished the site building, primarily by hand since building materials were to be reused. During the RA, drums and an aboveground storage tank were properly disposed, and metal siding and beams were recycled.

RA implementation was completed eight weeks after USEPA approved the construction documents.

GR2 performed surface impoundment (SI) closure activities for a commercial agricultural chemical manufacturing facility in Billings, Montana. The site consisted of three RCRA regulated evaporation ponds (surface impoundments or ponds) for wastewater containing 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic (2,4 D) from herbicide production.

Aerial view of project site

GR2 was responsible for the excavation, removal, capping and grading of over one (1) million cubic yards of soils at the Oronogo site.

The site was comprised of three major segments: (1) East Side Uplands Area, (2) West Side Uplands Area, and (3) the Schoolhouse Area. The East and West areas are separated by Hwy MM, with the Schoolhouse Area located to the south of the West Side Area within the city limits of Oronogo, MO.

Mine spoil pile grading

GR2 conducted mine reclamation activities for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Roseanne Ellis project in Monterey, Tennessee. The project consisted of backfilling pits and eliminating highwalls on abandoned coal strip mines in Overton County Tennessee.

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